УДК 336.743

Anatolii Ivanovych GULEI
Doctor of Economics, Associate Professor,
Chairman of the Board of Interbank Currency Exchange
Borys Olehovych YAZLYUK
Doctor of Economics, Professor
Dean of the Faculty of Agricultural Economics and Management
Ternopil National Economic University
Stanislav Anatoliiovych GULEI
Master, Ternopil National Economic University


The research of the development of the cryptoindustry is done in the article as a decentralized system, which is accompanied by the processes of financial flows virtualization through the circulation of cryptocurrences in the Internet environment based on advanced blockchain technology and asymmetric encryption that ensure the reliability of transactions and network operation. It’s discovered the essence and significance of the main cryptocurrencies in the world financial system, their price dynamics as a tool for perspective forecasting of the cryptoindustry development. It’s grounded the innovative opportunities of cryptocurrencies on the domestic financial market and the risks of their use.

Keywords: cryptocurrencies, market capitalization, electronic money, cryptoindustry.


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The article was received 20.08.2018