УДК 339.168.6:341.9

Candidate of Sciences in Economics, Associate Professor, Department of Economic Theory and Entrepreneurship in Maritime Transport, National University of Odessa Naval Academy


Introduction. The article investigates the development of multimodal transportation, which is a promising direction for the transport system development of the regions of the country. It is substantiated that this will significantly increase the volume of transportation with the participation of national transport companies, will help to increase the country’s competitiveness in the world market of transport services, level of development of an existing transport corridors network, integration of the country’s transport infrastructure into the world transport system.

The purpose of this article is an assessment of the state and efficiency of the transport industry functioning, taking into account the natural and economic features of the Odessa region.

Results. The technical upgrading of rolling stock and infrastructure in line with the prospects for multimodal transport will reduce technical barriers and make more efficient use of the freight transport potential by rail. Multimodal freight transportation using the railway and road transport is the most actively used in the Odessa region.

Conclusions. The important task of the region transport industry developing in the system of multimodal transportation is using the transport logistics tools in modern conditions, which will help to resolve the consistency issue of freight and information flows; control over cargo flows; definition of strategy and technology of moving goods between delivery points; development of managing operations ways of goods movement; determination of transport volumes and warehousing.

Key words: transport, port activities, transport, intermodal transport, multimodal transport, logistics, region.


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The article was received 05.11.2018