УДК 004.738.5: 330.711

DOI: https://doi.org/10.36887/2415-8453-2019-4-35

PhD in Economics, Associate Professor, Department of Economic Theory and Entrepreneurship in Maritime Transport, National University of Odessa Naval Academy

JEL classification: L 91; R 41; L 86; M15


One of the defining directions of the enterprise logistics system in the transport industry in the region is the organization of its activities, which requires the introduction of new progressive ideas in the enterprise management system. It is advisable to design, implement, apply and develop modern information technologies for the practical implementation of complex theoretical approaches to the transport enterprises management in the region.

The purpose of the article is to study the process of information technologies implementation in the management system of the transport industry in the region to create a qualitatively new information environment for the provision of transport services.

The current state of transportation companies does not meet the growing needs of society and European quality standards, which requires the creation and implementation of an effective integrated automated management system. The content of each stage of the complex automated system creation of enterprise management in the transport branch is revealed. The project of construction of the management information system, its adjustment and necessary adaptation is being prepared in the course of the stages. The functioning of Qguar TMS (Transport Management System) is considered and its advantages are highlighted. It’s defined that the information management system of a transport enterprise is an interaction of management information, subjects of management activity and information technologies. Formation of a complex system of automation of management of entities of the transport industry is one of the existing directions of use of modern information technologies. The implementation results of the selected management information technology at Qguar TMS (Transport Management System) are evaluated in two directions: the first involves an assessment of the financial and economic performance and effectiveness of an investment project for the implementation of management information technology; the second direction is related to the analysis of changes in indicators that characterize the implementation of client-oriented enterprise development strategy: increase of the customer base, market share, regular customers in the total customer base.

Keywords: information technologies; management system; transport industry; region; computerization; logistics systems.


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The article was received 10.09.2019