УДК 338.47: 656

DOI: https://doi.org/10.36887/2415-8453-2019-3-36

PhD in Economics, Associate Professor, Department of Economic Theory and Entrepreneurship in Maritime Transport, National University of Odessa Naval Acade

JEL classification: L91; R41


Introduction. The article considers the state and prospects of development of transport and logistics systems in the region, which will help to accelerate cargo delivery, increase the competitiveness of transportation, improve the investment climate of the transport industry in the region, as well as expand the activities of companies providing comprehensive logistics services.

The purpose of this article is a study of experience of using mechanisms of state regulation of development of regional structural transformations in agribusiness.

Results. The basic principles of functioning of the transport and logistics system of the region, which integrate the transport industry into the transport and logistics systems of the country by ensuring their effective interaction, are highlighted; satisfy the needs of consumers of transport and logistics services by harmonizing their interests with the interests of all participants in the logistics process. The functions of the transport and logistics system that influence the efficiency of its activity at the regional level are revealed.

Conclusions. The functioning of an advanced transport and logistics system, provided with adequate transport infrastructure in all regions of the country, will contribute to the development of many sectors of the economy and will serve as the basis for economic development of the country. In order to effectively develop the transport and logistics system of the regions, it is advisable to intensify the following areas: state regulation of logistics processes, including their legal support; creation and operation of transport infrastructure by type of activity; stimulating the development of logistics projects by region. The formation of high-quality transport and logistics systems in the region provides a full range of transport services, including multimodal transportation, the development of logistics schemes for freight, insurance, transportation security. Development of transport and logistics systems in the region can be ensured by updating the logistics base of transport; increased informatization; quality improvement and development of transport and logistics infrastructure of the region; expansion of the internal market of transport and logistics services; improving the efficiency of transportation; improvement of customs tariff and investment policy; the interaction of all participants in the supply chain; development and implementation of joint programs for the development of transport and logistics systems in the region.

Key words: transport and logistics system; transport industry; region; logistic approach; transport; integration.


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The article was received 08.07.2019