УДК: 658.8

DOI: https://doi.org/10.36887/2415-8453-2023-3-1

Krasnorutskyy Oleksiy,
Doctor of Economics, Professor,
Livestock Farming Institute of National
Academy of Agrarian Sciences of Ukraine,
Marenych Tetiana,
Doctor of Sciences (Economics), Professor, Livestock Farming Institute of National
Academy of Agrarian Sciences of Ukraine,
Marchenko Valerii,
PhD in Economics, Senior Researcher,
Livestock Farming Institute of National
Academy of Agrarian Sciences of Ukraine,
Pomohalova Nataliia,
Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics

JEL classification: M31; Q13

The article presents the research results on the generalization and formation of features of management of marketing activities of enterprises of the agricultural sector of the economy in martial law conditions. The importance of marketing in increasing the productivity and competitiveness of agriculture is emphasized, which is recognized in countries with developed market economies as the central concept of managing a business entity in conditions of high competition. The specificity of farm products determines the peculiarities of marketing in agricultural enterprises due to their exceptional importance for society and increased demand for them. It is noted that in the Ukrainian economy, particularly in the farming sector, the role of marketing is insignificant and is associated with measures to increase sales and methods of increasing profits at the enterprise. In wartime, management is focused on growing sales in the here and now without considering the business’s long-term prospects. Cutting costs for marketing and advertising under current circumstances is a wrong decision that will have negative consequences for the future development of enterprises. It is substantiated that during martial law, marketing transformed, changing its purpose, tasks, principles, main functions, and tools. At the same time, it remains relevant during the war, as it aims to reduce enterprises’ risks, increase their competitiveness, and help entrepreneurs survive in difficult times. It was concluded that in the conditions of constant changes and uncertainties, the pandemic, and military operations in the country, marketing should be approached strategically and consciously, providing more purposefulness in business development. At the same time, for effective business activity, it is advisable to consider modern marketing trends: speed, flexibility in marketing decisions, maneuverability to respond to dynamic changes, situationally, appropriateness, humanity, social responsibility, Digital development, support of counterparties, consumers, and the country’s economy, etc. In wartime, the emphasis in marketing shifts towards building relationships of trust, support, and care with buyers and customers. All marketing activities during martial law must be consistent with the humanitarian component of business activities, responses to the preservation of supply chains, sales, and market entry strategies. Modern marketing tools, suitable for rural businesses, are related to Internet resources and should cover the entire information space to achieve the company’s goals. It is argued that marketing in the agricultural sector after the war will receive a new impetus for its development since the reconstruction of the country in the post-war period will provide new business opportunities, which means that there will again be a need for effective marketing strategies and tools that will ensure high performance of business entities and their competitiveness.

Keywords: marketing, marketing activity, marketing management, marketing strategy, marketing tools, competitiveness of enterprises, agricultural business


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The article was received 15.07.2023