DOI: https://doi.org/10.36887/2415-8453-2019-2-12

Yaroslav PUSHAK
Doctor of Economics, Professor
Professor, Department of Economics and Economic Security,
Lviv State University of Internal Affairs
Ph.D. in Economic, Odessa National Academy of Food Technologies
Applicant at the International University of Business and Law

JEL classification: E22; R42; P25


Introduction. The study considers the theoretical and methodological aspects to determine the economic evaluation of investment mechanisms in the conditions of industrial spheres sustainable development of the region’s economy.

The purpose of the article is to study the theoretical and methodological aspects to the investment mechanisms assessment in the conditions of industrial spheres sustainable development of the region’s economy.

Results. The indicators groups for the investment attractiveness evaluation of the region by I. Blanco’s method are considered. It is established that a significant drawback of the methodology is the lack of risk consideration. The significance of each synthesized indicator in the aggregate assessment of the region’s investment attractiveness is calculated. A combination of investment risk assessment and investment potential is proposed in evaluating the region’s investment attractiveness rating. An algorithm for calculating the integral index of region investment attractiveness in accordance with the content of the hierarchical scheme is proposed. The advantage of this technique is the ability to uniquely interpret the values obtained. A comprehensive approach to regions investment activity assessing based on integrated components of profitability and liquidity, including a number of smaller indicators, is considered. The estimation methodology involves taking into account the weights of the selected indicators, which are calculated on the basis of expert judgment.

Conclusions. When analyzing the factors that affect the investment potential of the region, it should be taken into account that the investment climate in the region is affected by both internal, regional and external factors – from the state and other countries.

Only a comprehensive approach to the region investment attractiveness assessing gives the opportunity to introduce an integrated characteristic of a particular region in terms of investment attractiveness taking into account all the factors and conditions of regional development, based on existing methods.

Keywords: assessment, investments, projects, investing, regional development, investment attraction, methodology, methodical approach.


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The article was received 06.03.2019