УДК 631.15+631.115.11:338.43](477)

DOI: https://doi.org/10.36887/2415-8453-2019-4-31

PhD in Economic, Associate Professor of the Department of Accounting and Taxation, Mykolaiv National Agrarian University
applicant, National Technical University of Ukraine «Kyiv Polytechnic Igor Sikorsky Institute»

JEL classification: Q01; Q17


Introduction. The article assesses the importance of economic efficiency of agricultural production sustainable development in the conditions of the national economy openness. It is noted that sustainable development as a new form of social dynamics, applies to all spheres of socio-economic life and requires scientific and methodological development of models and mechanisms for its implementation in the practice of management. The least developed aspects of it now remain the problem of assessing the economic component of the agricultural production sustainable development in the conditions of the national economy openness.

The purpose of the article is to assess the economic component of sustainable development of agricultural production in the conditions of the national economy openness. Within the achieve-ment of the goal, the following tasks were identified: research into the dynamics of the main indicators of the agricultural production level; estimation of indicators of agricultural enterprises economic activity; research of the self-sufficiency level in Ukraine by the main types of food.

Results. It has been researched that in the agricultural sector of agrarian production of Ukraine there are positive changes – yields of all included in the analysis crops tend to increase. However, the indicators of the stability level of such growth (coefficient of variation) show significant differentiation. Despite the low values of the variation coefficients in agricultural productivity (excluding the average daily growth of pigs), the current state of the domestic livestock industry cannot be called satisfactory – because the number of cattle and pigs that are not compensated for the growth of animals continues to decline. As a result, production of milk, beef and pork decreases. In livestock farming, the decrease in production can only be compensated by the increase in poultry meat production.

Conclusions. There is an extremely unstable dynamics of agricultural production. In our opinion, the main reason for the sharp fluctuations in production downward was: 1) rapid devaluation of the hryvnia; 2) the loss of traditional markets. The real flow of investment into agriculture demonstrates extremely volatile dynamics. The real dynamics of capital investment in Ukraine’s agriculture, not distorted by inflationary influence, has a low level of stability.

Keywords: agricultural production, sustainable development, social infrastructure, rural territories, food security, economic component of sustainable development, production efficiency.


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The article was received 30.09.20