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The article considers aspects of Public Relations in the structure of corporate social responsibility. Now in the world practice it is an integral part of the world business. It is shown that according to many experts, they are closely related and in large companies most workflows focus on PR with CSR.
All the participants of business process have been involved in solving of this problem. And the nowadays concept of corporate social responsibility is the contemporary answer to it. The main communication between a company and the society is carried out through PR, so these employees are engaged in the process more than others. Thus, public relations became one of the main instruments in CSR interaction.
Thanks to the creative field of PR, most of the classic tools, activities can be implemented in countless options in practice. The concept of corporate social responsibility is revealed, which includes: work with partners, social aspects of interaction with suppliers and customers, ensuring the safety of staff, environmental responsibility, policy and use of natural resources, interaction with authorities, government agencies and public organizations to address general social problems.
The article focuses on the fact that the organization, as a cyclically developing system, cannot completely avoid crises throughout its existence. That is why it is so important to timely predict and forecast the crisis, to correctly determine its causes and possible mechanisms for resolving or mitigating the crisis itself. The aim of the work was to show that the role of corporate social responsibility in different crises is varied. Corporate social responsibility is one of the few ways out of the crisis. The concept of corporate social responsibility radically changes the role of corporations in the economy. Business is seen not only as a major catalyst for economic growth, but also as an institution that is actively involved in maintaining social stability in society.
Keywords: public relations (PR), corporate social responsibility (CSR), crisis.

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The article was received 11.03.2020