УДК 005.33:658.3

Liudmyla Volodymyrivna ТERESHCHENKO
post-graduate student of Kharkiv Petrо Vasуlenko National Technical University of Agriculture


Introduction. Today, convincing arguments and the exchange effectiveness of ideas among scholars in favor of the birth of an unusual idea depend on clarifying the nature and content of the terms used. This is especially true for personnel management, when new science schools appear in an environment of accelerating knowledge sharing and research is published that
provokes a different interpretation of the same terms.

The purpose of the article is to analyze and generalize the existing the personnel management conceptual-categorical apparatus and to construct a terminology system for the study of the personnel management effectiveness.

Results. In order to achieve the goal and to solve the research tasks in the article the sequence of forming the terminology of the research of the personnel management effectiveness is proposed. Its implementation is represented by such stages as: definition of the study subject area, refinement of its object and subject; selection of terms and the creation of a terminology field of the research subject field; definition of the correspondence of the subject area terms of the study by their analysis and ordering; verification of the obtained terminology for quality and conformity with the research tasks. It is substantiated that the formation of the research terminology system of the personnel management effectiveness will solve such problems as: confusion in terms; correct interpretation of the concept; incomprehensible connections between concepts; lack of structural research model.

Conclusions. The use of the developed terminology for the study of the personnel management effectiveness contributes not only to a detailed study of concepts and processes in this area, but also to the clarification of existing linguistic patterns of the conceptual study apparatus. Further research will be aimed at identifying and justifying the best practices for assessing the personnel management effectiveness.

Keywords: terminology system, personnel management effectiveness, morphological analysis, content analysis, subject area of research.


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The article was received 15.08.2018