УДК 336.2

DOI: https://doi.org/10.36887/2415-8453-2019-3-29

Євгенія Леонідівна БОЛЬШАКОВА
здобувач кафедри менеджменту, Полтавська державна аграрна академія
E-mail: iriska7@ukr.net

JEL classification: Q13; Q18


The article deals with the specificity and orientation of sustainable development of Ukrainian meat processing enterprises. Weaknesses in the state regulation of meat processing enterprises are identified. The necessity of forming a mechanism of state regulatory influence is substantiated within the framework of ensuring the sustainable development of the meat processing industry in Ukraine. The main directions of the state policy implementation are given in order to ensure sustainable development of the meat processing industry in Ukraine. The tool for sustainable growth of meat processing enterprises in Ukraine has been identified. The practical application of the proposed tools has its advantages, namely: producers of meat products receive the necessary credit resources as collateral for manufactured products; guarantee of a high-quality and effective system of raw material security, which enables to carry out operations under pre-regulated conditions that meet the criteria of relevance, transparency and objectivity; the possibility of regulating the financial and economic relations between meat producers and procurement organizations for wholesale and retail sales.

Based on the conclusions drawn, it has been proved that the end result of the sale of meat products should be shared among all participants in the production and trade relations, depending on their costs. It is important to simultaneously and promptly adjust the financial and economic relations between the parties in the context of industrial-trade relations. At present, modern meat processing companies are experiencing significant difficulties due to the need to reduce production volumes and shortage of staff. As a result, much of the production capacity is half-force, which results in operating costs and, as a consequence, a significant increase in the price of final products.

According to the study results, it is possible to achieve positive trends in the functioning of the meat processing industry as a whole and the socio-economic sustainability of the domestic industrial enterprises of the analyzed industry in particular by successfully implementing national, regulatory, financial, licensing, tariff and antitrust standards at the national level.

Keywords: meat processing enterprises, directions of state regulation, mechanism of state regulatory influence, tools for sustainable growth of enterprises.


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The article was received 15.07.2019