УДК: 631.1.016

DOI: https://doi.org/10.36887/2415-8453-2019-4-26

postgraduate student, National University of Water and Environmental Engineering

JEL classification: O 130


Introduction. The agro-industrial complex itself is one of the most promising directions of the structural adjustment of the national economy in the conditions of integration processes and globalization of the economy. An effective strategy formation for the agrarian sector development in Ukraine and business entities in this field requires identification of the existing problems and the search for effective ways of their solution.

The purpose of the study is to summarize theoretical and methodical principles, develop methodological and practical recommendations for the strategy formation in the domestic agricultural enterprises’ development in the conditions of economy globalization on the basis of the strengths and weaknesses of agriculture in Ukraine.

Results. It is determined that by its industrial potential, the Kherson region may be included in the top ten most industrialized regions of Ukraine. The industry of the region continues to develop in the traditional region centers, namely in the cities of regional importance, while the share of districts in the total regional sales volumes remains insignificant. Agriculture is one of the leading sectors of the regional economy, which has a significant impact on the level and quality of the population life, on the stable operation of industries consuming agricultural products, on the formation of export potential. Emphasizing the key development opportunities and strengths of agricultural production in Ukraine gave the possibility to form a promising strategy for the business entities development, which, in the first place, provides for minimizing the threats of the external environment and overcoming the weaknesses of the internal environment. Kherson region with its favorable climatic conditions and investment potential can increase agricultural production.

Conclusions. The results of the SWOT-analysis of agricultural development are a kind of roadmap that conceptually reflects the strategic direction of agrarian enterprises’ development in the medium and long term, both from the development standpoint of the domestic food market and the export-oriented position.

Keywords: strategy, concept, development, agricultural production, agrarian enterprises, strengths, economic growth.


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The article was received 12.09.2019