УДК: 338.262

DOI: https://doi.org/10.36887/2415-8453-2020-4-24

Uliana Shchurko
PhD in Economics, Associate Professor, Department of Art Management,
Lviv National Academy of Arts

JEL classification: E61; L16; L52; O21


Introduction. Strategic planning in today’s conditions of global uncertainty is one of the key values for economic development and strengthening its competitiveness. Setting priorities, developing policy documents and setting targets is a particularly important task for implementation in programs to support the real sector of the economy. The formation of concepts and strategies for the development of various sectors of the economy in the context of constant transformation is one of the priorities for preparing a strategic vision for the development of the national economy. Thus, the prerequisites for the formation of strategic directions for strengthening the competitiveness of the national economy with an emphasis on the development of the real sector of the economy were analysed.

The purpose of the article is to form proposals for the development of priority areas of the strengthening competitiveness strategy, in particular, in the real sector of the economy.

Results. Based on the analysis of the latest strategic documents adopted in Ukraine in 2020, the strategic priorities for the development of competitive advantages are identified. It is proposed to supplement each of the areas with potentially necessary policy documents and policies: in the field of information security, national security, cybersecurity, human development, economic security. Targets that should be used as indicators of achieving strategic goals, including key productivity, foreign direct investment, nominal GDP per capita, exports of goods and services, are settled.

Conclusions. Recommendations for improving the business climate, minimizing corruption at all levels of government, developing transport infrastructure, financial incentives for cooperation and support of science and research in firms, universities and public research institutes, emphasising of the state educational component on market needs for priority implementation at the level of state policy will be a prerequisite for strengthening the competitiveness and security of the real sector of the economy. These priority areas of support for the real sector of the economy have significant emphasis on capacity development: human, innovative, creative, which further enhances the importance of creative industries, which can be one of the locomotives of strategic breakthrough in economic policy.

Key words: real sector, competitiveness, economic security, competitive strategies, development priorities.


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The article was received 25.09.2020