УДК 35.072.2

Svitlana SHEKERA
Senior Lecturer, Department of Marketing, Business and Trade
Odessa National Academy of Food Technologies


Introduction. Today in Ukraine, investment activity is carried out by enterprises on its own, since the state supports only strategic industry directions by subsidies and grants. Not all areas of the food industry can be attributed to be strategic ones. The world experience shows that

structural changes provide scientific and technological progress that lead to effective economic shifts. The state must regulate the investment process, because it guarantees investment protection.

The purpose of the article is to determine the main ways of state regulation of investment activity of canning industry enterprises.

Results. The main objectives of state regulation, and the legislative acts regulating the investment process in Ukraine, as well as the instruments and principles of state regulation of investment activity were considered. The necessity of changing the legislative base is substantiated, its imperfection is proved and also the analysis of the state regulation principles of investment activity in Ukraine for the canning industry were done. As a result of this research and innovation priority directions of development until 2021, that does not contribute to the development of the investment flow to the canning industry by the state. The companies themselves solve the problem of investment and the size of borrowed funds.

Conclusions. The legislative framework is imperfect and the canning industry is not strategic, so the flow of financial resources in the development of fruit and vegetable canning has decreased in recent years. Achievement of the main goal of this study is possible by changes in the legal framework, the creation and functioning of a transparent stock market, and to develop a new system of regulation of investment activity in accordance with world trends.

Key words: state regulation, investment activity, enterprises of the canning industry, economic development.


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The article was received 03.10.2018