УДК 637.5:637.14/.637.38(477)

DOI: https://doi.org/10.36887/2415-8453-2019-4-33

Doctor of Economics, Professor, Head of the Department of Marketing, Entrepreneurship and Trade of the Odessa National Academy of Food Technologies
Olexander BOGDANOV
Postgraduate student of the Department of Marketing, Entrepreneurship and Trade of the Odessa National Academy of Food Technologies

JEL classification: O13; Q13


Consumption of dairy and meat products rich in valuable and essential nutrients holds a special place in the diet of the population of all ages. Along with sufficient and balanced consumption of meat and dairy products the issue of their security and quality is no less important. There is a trend of reducing the production volumes of beef and veal, caused by the decrease in demand for this type of meat, which is more expensive than pork and poultry. Industrial enterprises, producing finished meat products on the basis of cattle meat, should choose one of two strategies of resource provision: creation of the own raw material zone due to the local producers and transport links or formation of long-term import contracts. The production of pork and poultry is growing.

Production of sausages and similar products from meat is reducing, which is caused by the fact that a part of households refuses to consume finished meat products with added preservation agents, coloring agents, color stabilizers, flavor intensifiers, soy, protein, etc. Taking this into account, national producers of finished meat products should review the approaches to security and quality of their produce. Otherwise, their main threats will be a further reduction of supply and loss of a market niche.

An acute problem of the national dairy processing industry is the growing deficit of milk raw material. The main reason for insufficient production volumes of milk by agricultural producers is a low purchasing price offered them by national dairy processing enterprises. Therefore, it is necessary to stimulate domestic demand for the finished dairy products in order to revitalize investment activity of milk processing enterprises and to increase purchasing prices of milk raw products, in the first place, at the cost of special social care programs for low-income people.

Key words: dairy-and-meat industry, beef and veal, pork, poultry meat, sausages and similar products from meat, gastronomic culture, milk raw materials, deficit, dairy products, milk products, SCSU, purchase prices, food aid.


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The article was received 12.09.2019