УДК: 339.13:338

DOI: https://doi.org/10.36887/2415-8453-2021-1-37

Olena Sushchenko
Doctor of Economics, Professor, Simon Kuznets Kharkiv National University of Economics

JEL classification: I23; M31


Introduction. The paper represents a conceptual framework or positioning higher education institutions (HEI) in the educational services market. The process of choosing the marketing position of a higher education institution in the educational services market is considered. The directions and opportunities of strengthening the competitive position of HEI in the market of educational services and the choice of such a marketing position that will provide them with sustainable competitive advantages are identified.

The purpose of the article is substantiation of theoretical principles and development of practical recommendations for choosing the marketing position of a higher education institution in the market of educational services.

Results. It is proved that one of the important factors of the higher education quality assurance is to ensure effective marketing positioning of HEI in today’s highly competitive education market. It is substantiated that strengthening the competitive position of HEI in the educational services market by choosing the appropriate marketing position will provide them with sustainable competitive advantages. The basic principles of the HEI positioning process in the educational services market within the concept of STP-marketing are determined. It is proved that the effectiveness of the HEI activity management and the strengthening of its competitive position in the educational services market will depend on the correctness of the positioning strategy choosing.

Conclusions. It is substantiated that the positioning strategy of the HEI should be coordinated with the set of marketing tools as a whole and with its separate elements. The role of HEI branding in the process of its positioning is shown. The main channels of communication and ways to promote the HEI brand are considered. It is determined that the distinguishing feature of the HEI promotion is the simultaneous activity in two markets – the educational services market and the labor market. It is proved that the goals of branding and the results of HEI positioning should be determined taking into account the positions and needs of their stakeholders. It is found out that the promotion of the HEI brand, and the advertising and information support of the HEI representation in the information space should be based on the full range of media usage. It is shown that the marketing approach implementation in the HEI management system is based on the use of promotion tools, contributing to the consumers positive opinion formation, providing further demand for educational services and attracting new consumers.

Key words: higher education institution, marketing, positioning, educational services market, branding.


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The article was received 18.01.2021