УДК: 338.432:631

Viktoriia KRALIA
PhD in Economics, senior teacher,
Kharkiv Petro Vasylenko National Technical University of Agriculture


Introduction. Today, most companies need to implement changes in order to function successfully. New technologies and products quickly supersede outdated approaches to work in almost all areas of economic activity. A successful business must constantly move, searching for and introducing new technologies, with the aim of constantly being competitive. In conditions of constant competition, those organizations that are organizing transformations are better adapted. Practice proves that such enterprises can take leading positions in the economic system of the country. The management of each enterprise requires scientifically grounded approach to the systemic vision formation of organizational transformations based on management tools that allows efficient use of the productive and resource potential of the enterprise. The ability to generate and implement organizational transformations is an important condition for sustainable development for the enterprise. At the same time, the changes contain contradictions between the aspirations of the company as an economic system to maintain stability, on the one hand, and the need for constant development – on the other.

The purpose of the study is to find effective scenarios for the organizational transformations implementation of agrarian enterprises.

Results. In order to achieve the goals and objectives, the article analyzes the methods of carrying out changes, components of the strategy implementation of the enterprise, identifies the approaches to the essence of the implementation of the strategy of organizational transformations and identifies the problems that impede the process of strategy implementation. The choice of change management methods in the enterprise was chosen in accordance with the chosen development strategy and the priority method of changes implementation.

Conclusions. Implementation of the scenarios implementing of organizational transformation strategies in the enterprise management system is quite a long-term and resource-consuming process. Fast and effective overcoming of possible obstacles by means of a combination of various methods and means will allow the enterprise to make changes in the management system without much effort and achieve the maximum effect from their implementation.


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The article was received 07.10.2018