УДК 332.13:338.32

Olena Valeriivna DOVGAL
PhD in Economics, associate Professor, associate professor of the department of economic theory and social sciences, Mykolaiv national agrarian university
E-mail: dovgal@mnau.edu.ua


Introduction. Rural areas of Ukraine, where a third of the country’s population lives and the most important stage of agricultural production are taking place – the production of agricultural raw materials, make an extraordinary contribution to the national economy development. Resource potential of rural territories is a source and means of their reproduction, and also plays a key role in determining the functions, direction and dynamics of their development. Therefore, the study of resource potential development peculiarities of rural areas makes it possible to draw up forecasts, strategies of regional and national development, and to determine additional factors of influence on welfare improvement, welfare enhancement and raising the population living standard.

The purpose of the article is to study the resource potential of rural areas, namely the content and peculiarities of its evolution in the context of modern transformational changes.

Results. As a result of the research, the resource potential of country rural areas and its separate regions consists of such important elements: natural resource; demographic; tourist and recreational; production. Summarizing the approaches of domestic researchers and taking into account our certain aspects vision of the formation, using and reproduction, the resource potential of rural areas is an actual and potential set of natural, demographic, tourist-recreational and productive resources that are owned and/or used by communities living in rural areas territories of the country and its separate regions.

Key words: rural territories, resource potential, production potential, rural development, sphere of agrarian production.


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The article was received 05.08.2018