УДК: 35:328.185

DOI: https://doi.org/10.36887/2415-8453-2021-2-15

Doctor of Economic Sciences, Professor of the Department of Criminal Law and Procedure
and Law Enforcement, Western Ukrainian National University
PhD in Law, Associate Professor of the Department of Civil Law and Procedure,
Western Ukrainian National University
PhD in Economics, Associate Professor of Management and Administration
Ivan Puluj Ternopil National Technical University

JEL classification: F50


In order to approximate the laws of the EU Member States in the field of handling classified information and to establish a comparable level of protection of such information from illegal receipt, use or disclosure throughout the EU, Directive 2016/943 on the protection of undisclosed information was developed and approved in June 2016. how and business information (trade secrets) from illegal receipt, use and disclosure (hereinafter – the Directive). The Directive introduces the concept of “trade secret”, defines the lawful and illegal acquisition, use and disclosure of trade secrets, establishes procedures and remedies for the illegal acquisition, use or disclosure of trade secrets in the context of the application of security conditions.

The purpose of the article is to substantiate the essential characteristics of trade secrets, as well as to study the legal framework of domestic experience and international cooperation on the basis of a practical mechanism for ensuring safe operating conditions.

The article examines the conceptual and categorical apparatus of trade secrets and the regulatory framework for international cooperation, respectively. The practical set of measures to preserve the confidentiality of trade secrets is substantiated. As a result of scientific research, the essential and substantive characteristics of provision the Directive as the main legal vector of ensuring safety conditions have been identified. Based on this, the implementation the legal aspects of international cooperation in the context of secure measurement at trade secrets is demonstrated.

Summarizing scientific research, it should be noted that a country like Belgium, taking into account the Directive, has adopted a law aimed at protecting undisclosed know-how and commercial information (trade secrets) from illegal possession, use and disclosure. This Law has implemented all the above-mentioned recommendations on the protection of trade secrets during court proceedings. It is investigated that the German parliament passed the Law on Trade Secrets of the Federal Government. This law implements European Parliament Directive (EU) 2016/943 on the protection of undisclosed know-how and trade information (trade secrets) against their illegal acquisition, use and disclosure in German national law in order to establish uniform protection of trade secrets. The law provides for the confidentiality of court proceedings. In civil proceedings, by granting jurisdiction to certain specialized courts in cases of commercial secrecy, the possibility of classifying the proceedings as confidential at the request of one of the parties, and the potential limitation of the number of persons entitled to access evidence and / or hearings.

Keywords: international cooperation, normative-legal base, Directive, trade secret, security contexts, security conditions.


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The article was received 05.04.2021