УДК 339.9.01

PhD in physical and mathematical, Department of Economics and Information Technologies Mykolayiv Interregional Institute for the Development of Human Rights of the Higher Educational Institution «Open International University of Human Development «Ukraine»


Introduction. Foreign economic activity of the regions today serves as a factor contributing to raising the welfare of the population, improving the quality of its life, as well as socio-economic development of the territory and increasing its competitiveness.

The purpose of the paper is to determine the regional peculiarities of the foreign economic activity organization.

Results. Analyzing and systematizing domestic legislation, scientific works of many scientists, the scientific approaches to the definition of «foreign economic activity of the region» were generalized. The structure of foreign economic activity taking into account regional peculiarities is proposed. It is proved that the possibility of the region enterprises to enter the external markets is provided by not only the region foreign economic potential, but also well-considered state regional policy in comparison with the effective foreign economic policy of the state.

Conclusions. It is proved that the most effective way to achieve national prosperity is the presence of foreign capital. Direct foreign investment in the regional economy contributes to the growth of the country and helps it to integrate into the world economy. Therefore, prospects for further research in this direction are determining the ways of attracting foreign direct investment into the region’s economy.


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The article was received 05.10.2018