УДК: 631.1.011.1

DOI: https://doi.org/10.36887/2415-8453-2021-1-15

Iryna Kryukova
Doctor of Economics, Professor, Head of the Department of Accounting and Taxes,
Odesa State Agrarian University

JEL classification: Q18


Introduction. The agrarian sector of Ukraine identifies the main priorities for the development of the national economy today. Implementation of the tasks of Ukraine’s strategic partnership with the European Union should take the key trends of the common European agrarian policy and agribusiness. The most important ones of them are necessary to ensure further effective cooperation and increase the competitiveness of the national agri-food sector in Ukrainian and European markets.

The purpose is an assessment of the current state of development in the agrarian sector of Ukraine in comparison with the key trends of agricultural production in the EU and identify areas for its further development.

Results. The main indicators and trends of the modern state of development in the agrarian sector in the national economy are considered in the article. The assessment of the performance of agrarian enterprises in comparison with other types of economic activity has been given. The priority ways of implementing the agrarian policy of the EU countries in a strategic perspective have been investigated. The main directions for the development of the national agrarian sector in the context of modern European trends are: 1) preferential taxation, in particular, with the revival of the livestock industry, 2) active development of innovative activities, 3) creation of a favorable investment climate, 3) improvement of agricultural producers’ access to financial resources and state financial support. The main directions to achieve these goals in the national agrarian sector should be: 1) improvement of the national agrarian policy; 2) the completion of the land agrarian reform, 3) the search for effective mechanisms for attracting private investment to agriculture, 4) state and regional programs to support rural areas, 5) the formation of chains of additionally created agricultural value.

Conclusions. The main ways to implement these strategic objectives in the modern conditions of development of the national agrarian sector are: the creation of eco-agricultural farms, organic farming and animal husbandry, the revival of breeds of farm animals without genetically modified potential, projects to protect the ecological environment. The socially responsible agrarian business can be considered as one of the perspective directions for solving these problems.

Keywords: agrarian sector, agricultural production, rural areas, agrarian market, agrarian product, EU countries, agrarian business.


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The article was received 14.01.2021