УДК 331.5(477)372

DOI: https://doi.org/10.36887/2415-8453-2020-3-2

Oleksandr SHVETS
PhD in Economics, Doctoral Student, International University of Business and Law

JEL classification: J21


Introduction. It is outlined in the article that on the way of Ukraine’s accession to the globalized economic space the issues of regulated changes in the youth labor market become especially relevant.

The purpose of the study is to substantiate the theoretical and methodological provisions of the development of productive economic activity of youth, study the state, patterns, prospects of youth employment in the national and regional labor market and develop practical recommendations for improving the organizational and economic mechanism of its regulation.

Results. The analysis of factors of employment of youth allows to draw a conclusion that youth labor resources in Ukraine possess necessary set of competitive advantages, in particular: a sufficient level of education and qualification; the presence of labor traditions that contribute to the creative nature of work; developed sense of justice and teamwork skills; tendency to self-realization of the individual in the interests of the team; availability of powerful scientific potential and unique advanced technologies, etc. The current segment of youth employment in Ukraine is characterized by a number of problems, in particular: low level of economic activity of the youngest age group; high unemployment rate, which decreases in older age groups of young people; structural imbalance between labor supply and demand; a significant level of informal employment; involvement of young people in unstable precarious work; youth work in the specialty of lower qualification in comparison with the received education; low awareness of applicants about the demand for vacancies in both regional and national labor markets, etc.

Conclusions. In Ukraine, the problem of youth employment can be solved only through targeted systematic and coordinated action through the development of social stability and protection of youth, as the labor market situation needs to adjust employment policy, revise and refine the legal framework, timely funding of state employment programs, developing a system of incentives and benefits for regions with low youth unemployment.

Key words: youth, youth labor market, employment, economic activity, labor force, state regulation, unemployment.


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The article was received 05.07.2020