УДК: 005.932 (477)

DOI: https://doi.org/10.36887/2415-8453-2021-4-4

Nadiia Reznik
Doctor of Economic Sciences, Professor of the Department of Logistics,
National Aviation University
Liliіa Kharchevnikova
Senior Lecturer of the Department of Organization of Production, Business and Management, Kharkiv Petro Vasylenko National Technical University of Agriculture
Victoria Puhachova
graduate student of the Faculty of the Economics and Business Administration,
Marketing Specialties, National Aviation University

JEL classification: L91


The article presents the study of the current state of the logistics sector of Ukraine, its problems and prospects for development. Based on the collected statistics, conclusions were made about the situation of the logistics market, the problems it faces and possible directions for further development.

The purpose of the study is to show the situation of the modern logistics sector, its problems, as well as prospects for development by analyzing logistics expenditures, the share of export-import logistics services, and the positions of Ukraine in the rate of Logistic Performance Index.

From the point of view of transport and logistics, Ukraine occupies a favorable geographical position, as its powerful transport potential takes into account road, rail, sea, river, air and pipeline transport. However, from the viewpoint of the global logistics market, Ukraine continues to be at a disadvantage, yielding to Western countries in conducting international trade in terms of logistics services. Such difference between the favorable geographical location and the insufficiently high level of development of the logistics system does not allow Ukraine to take a leading place in the global economy. In addition, in the context of globalization of international markets and expansion of economic development, the logistics sector of Ukraine needs more and more attention. Hence, only effective solutions can improve the situation. Otherwise, Ukraine risks to get into crisis. Problems of international transport and logistics systems functioning are revealed and the ways to improve the market of logistics services in Ukraine are proposed. Thus, it is more important nowadays to analyze the problems of this sector taking into consideration independent data and identify its prospects.

Keywords: logistics sector, logistics market problems, global logistics market, import-export, logistics services.


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The article was received 25.10.2021