The editorial Board of the scientific journal «Ukrainian Journal of Applied Economics and Technology» is guided by the international ethical rules of scientific publications. In particular the recommendations of the Committee on the ethics of scientific publications (Committee on Publication Ethics) and guidance on the ethics of scientific publications (Publishing Ethics Resource Kit) of Elsevier, and is based on the experience of reputable international publishers. Compliance with the rules of ethics of scientific publications by all participants in the publishing process helps to ensure the rights of authors in intellectual property, improve the quality of the publication and to avert the possibility of misuse of copyright material in the interests of individuals. In turn, the editorial Board encourages and motivates the authors to adhere to appropriate levels of formal and ethical requirements for the preparation and publication of articles submitted to the journal.

Ethical obligations of the editorial Board of the journal

  1. The editorial Board headed by editor-in-chief is responsible for the publication.
  2. All submitted articles are in the editorial Board of the careful selection and internal anonymous review.
  3. The editorial Board with the justification of their own solutions reserves the right to reject an article or return it to the author (authors) for revision.
  4. Editorial Board objectively and impartially considers all manuscripts that are submitted for publication, evaluating each article appropriately, regardless of racial, religious, nationality, and position or affiliation of the author (authors).
  5. The editorial Board is obliged to make fair and impartial decisions and to provide a transparent peer review process.
  6. The editorial Board may reject a manuscript without peer review if it came to the conclusion that the work does not meet the profile of the journal.
  7. The editorial Board opposes falsification, plagiarism, simultaneous the direction of the author of one work in several journals, multiple copying of the content of article in different papers, the introduction of misleading the public on the contribution of the author (authors) in the publication.
  8. The editorial Board has the right to withdraw the published article, provided breach of copyright or accepted norms of scientific ethics. About this fact of exclusion, the editorial Board informs the author and the organization where the work was performed.
  9. Editor in chief and editorial staff do not provide to others information related with the contents of the manuscript under consideration, except for those who take part in the professional assessment of the manuscript. After a positive decision of the editor the article is published in the journal and posted to appropriate electronic resources.
  10. In accordance with international law regarding respect for copyright on electronic information resources, website materials, e-journal or project may not be reproduced in full or in part, in any form (electronic or printed) without the prior written permission of the editor. When using published materials in the context of other documents need a link to the original source.

Ethical obligations of authors

  1. Authors bear full responsibility for the content of articles and for the fact of their publication.
  2. The author should cite publications that have implemented an impact on the essence of the work.
  3. The author needs to specify properly the sources of materials used in the work, if these materials were not received actually by the author.
  4. It is unacceptable to view plagiarism as original work and submission to a publication previously published article. In the case of detecting recorded cases of the responsibility of the authors of the materials presented.
  5. The author who submits the manuscript to the publication, is responsible for ensuring that in the list of authors included only those individuals that meet the criteria of authorship and take responsibility for the consent of the other authors on the publication in the journal.
  6. The authors must inform the editor about any potential conflict of interest that could influence the publication of the results contained in this manuscript.
  7. The author in the case of the return the article for revision have to be finalized in accordance with comments from the reviewers and the editorial Board otherwise, the editorial Board has the right to reject an article.

Ethical obligations of reviewers

  1. The editorial Board with the aim of improving the quality of research articles published in the journal assigns an internal anonymous for the reviewer and for the author, one of the members of the editorial Board of the journal, review.
  2. All members of the editorial Board are peer reviewers.
  3. The reviewer according to the results of the review should provide an objective assessment of the quality of presentation of the article, and to determine whether it meets high scientific and literary standards.
  4. Manuscript submitted for review is a confidential document.
  5. The reviewer must convincingly justify their own conclusions.
  6. A reviewer should call the editor’s attention any substantial similarity between this manuscript and any other published paper or manuscript.
  7. The reviewer should provide timely feedback on the manuscript.
  8. The reviewer should not use or disclose unpublished information contained in the submitted manuscript, except with the consent of the author or authors.