УДК 331.108

DOI: https://doi.org/10.36887/2415-8453-2020-1-40

Applicant of the Department of Management and Innovation
Odessa national academy of food technologies

JEL classification: M12


Introduction. The development of human resources of the enterprise (organization) significantly affects the effectiveness of mobilization of economic potential. In the process of formation and implementation of personnel policy it is necessary to take into account the factors on which it depends. The development of measures for the formation of human resources and staff development must be carried out taking into account the characteristics of personnel policy of the enterprise (organization).

The purpose of scientific research is the development of theoretical and methodological aspects of personnel policy formation in the system of functional training of management staff.

Results. The criteria for classification of personnel policy of the enterprise (organization) are generalized. Features and conditions of implementation of different types of personnel policy are described. The urgency of the issue of finding highly qualified employees for enterprises in a market economy and the need to improve the personnel policy of the enterprise (organization) are substantiated. Relevant directions, innovative methods and approaches to improving personnel policy in order to increase personnel efficiency are highlighted. Active and preventive types of personnel policy of rational nature are identified as the most appropriate in the process of stable economic development of domestic business entities. It is noted that the practice of using traditional approaches to staff training causes insufficient qualification of management staff. The role and essence of professional development of managerial staff is characterized. The expediency of creating an effective program for the formation of managerial human resources is substantiated. The human factor is singled out among others as the main one in the process of economic growth. The role of personnel planning as the basis of personnel support of the organization is noted. The goals of personnel planning and their connection with the results of other elements of the personnel system are highlighted. The elements of the staffing system are characterized: the personnel marketing subsystem, recruitment, staffing.

Conclusions. Effective personnel management determines the successful operation of the enterprise. Planning and development of personnel policy of the enterprise is an important element of strategic planning of the organization. The personnel management system ensures the development of the organization.

Keywords: personnel, personnel management, enterprise, organization, personnel policy, personnel provision, personnel potential.


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The article was received 27.01.2020