УДК 339.172

DOI: https://doi.org/10.36887/2415-8453-2019-4-34

Anna Serhiivna PODSOKHA
Deputy Head of the Main Department of the State Fiscal Service in Kharkiv Region

JEL classification: F 10


Introduction. The low level of development of commodity exchange trade in Ukraine remains a rather acute issue in the domestic economy for a long time. This indicates the need to find new ways to improve the activities of exchanges.

The purpose of the scientific research is to generalize the theoretical aspects of the formation of organizational and economic model of effective functioning of the commodity exchange market in Ukraine.

Results. It is established that grain is a typical commodity on the domestic stock market. The functions of the exchange are defined. The world tendencies of exchange trade development are characterized. The state of the domestic stock market is studied. The state role in regulating the activity of exchanges is highlighted. The essence, tasks and principles of the wholesale grain market are defined. The existence of favorable economic conditions for the organization of regional wholesale grain markets is substantiated. The administrative component of operational management of the wholesale market is characterized. The measures for the organization of wholesale grain markets at the regional level have been identified. The dominance of the shadow market in the sale of agricultural products is indicated. The directions of institutional transformations at the regional level to increase the effectiveness of economic reforms in the agriculture field are identified. The necessity of the new technological basis introduction of agricultural products realization – electronic auctions is substantiated. Prospects for the electronic bidding introduction are outlined. The relations model for regulation of the wholesale market of agricultural products at the regional level is characterized. Organizational and economic measures for the implementation of this model in domestic practice are proposed. The priority task of state regulation in exchange trade of agricultural products is highlighted.

Conclusions. The use of the model of development and regulation of the regional wholesale market of agricultural products will contribute to the development of the commodity exchange market, reduce the share of the shadow sector of the economy, replenish budget funds to finance producers in agriculture.

Key words: commodity exchange, organizational and economic model, exchange market, wholesale grain market, electronic trading, state regulation.


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The article was received 04.09.2019