УДК: 331.101.262

DOI: https://doi.org/10.36887/2415-8453-2022-1-26

PhD in Economics, Associate Professor,
Associate Professor of Department of Accounting, Audit and Taxation
State Biotechnological University

JEL classification: Q11; Q19


The article analyzes the current state and prospects for the development of the hemp industry in Ukraine. It has been established that the cultivation of technical hemp is a promising niche and can become a springboard that will ensure a successful start for the development of small and medium-sized farms in Ukraine. The comparison of key indicators with leading countries in the production of hemp products is given. Leaders in the production of hemp products are: China, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, countries of Asia and Latin America. Methodical and practical recommendations have been developed regarding the organizational and economic foundations of the development of hemp production in Ukraine. The main problems of the hemp growing industry are identified, the ways to solve them are given, as well as the consequences of the proposed measures. The main problems include: establishment of licensing requirements for technical hemp as an agricultural crop equivalent to narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances; excessive regulation and control by law enforcement agencies of economic activity related to technical hemp; the maximum permissible level of THC in technical hemp; availability of technical hemp crop quotas; excessive state control during the destruction of the remains of technical hemp; irregularity of economic activity and circulation of technical hemp, in particular, products of their processing, etc. The following ways are proposed for the development of the production of hemp products in Ukraine: elimination of excessive control by law enforcement agencies over economic activities related to the circulation of technical hemp; abolition of state control over circulation, including destruction of the remains of industrial hemp; cancellation of the quota of industrial hemp crops; removal of technical hemp from the general regulation on narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances and precursors; simplification of conditions for licensing the production of cannabis products; raising the maximum permissible level of THC in technical hemp to at least 0.2%; determination at the legislative level of the types of activities for the cultivation of technical hemp, fixing the appropriate СTEA code, as well as the determination of UCGEEA codes for all types of goods and products based on technical hemp.

Keywords: hemp cultivation, technical hemp, niche crops, efficiency, organizational and economic principles of development.


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The article was received 21.01.2022