УДК 332.3

DOI: https://doi.org/10.36887/2415-8453-2020-1-10

Pavlo Mykolaiovych MATVIEIEV
PhD in Economics, Director of «Zeminform» LLC

JEL classification: Q 15


Introduction. The development program of an agricultural enterprise must be constantly adjusted to ensure its sustainability in accordance with the conditions of management and growth of marketable products. Improving the organization of production is carried out through internal land management. The use of this tool is necessary for the scientific substantiation of changes in the perspective program of the agrarian enterprise development for increase of administrative decisions quality.

The purpose of scientific research is to improve the organization of land management in the management system of resource potential of the agricultural enterprise.

Results. The main tasks of land management from the standpoint of influencing the efficiency of the enterprise resource potential are described. The sequence of prospects assessment for land use is given. The expediency of using computer technologies and optimal programming in the process of design work to reorganize land use is substantiated. The possibility of determining the optimal plan for the distribution of crop areas using the economic-mathematical model is proved. The presence of tendencies in agriculture to grow high-yield products has been established. Emphasis is placed on the need to maintain a balance of trends with the requirements of maintaining the agri-environmental balance of the land. The main task of designing a rational structure of production is determined. The expediency of using economic and mathematical methods in the process of identifying problems and tasks that arise in the process of land management design is substantiated. The main difficulties in the process of solving multicriteria tasks during planning the distribution of land funds are outlined.

Conclusions. The use of economic and mathematical modeling in the organization of land management will improve the quality of management decisions in the course of agricultural enterprises and the conservation of land resources. Optimization of economic calculations will take into account the impact of economic processes on the organization of land management and resource management of the enterprise.

Keywords: resource potential, agrarian enterprise, organization of land management, land resources, planning of organization of agricultural production, optimization.


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The article was received 09.12.2019