УДК: 519.873:332.012:004.942

DOI: https://doi.org/10.36887/2415-8453-2021-4-13

PhD in Economics, Assistant of the Department of Management,
Odesa State Agrarian University
PhD in Economics, Associate Professor, Associate Professor of the Department of Management,
Odesa State Agrarian University
Senior Lecturer of the Department of Land Management and Cadastre,
Odesa State Agrarian University
Doctor of Economics, Professor, Head of the Department of Marketing, Entrepreneurship and Trade, Odessa National Academy of Food Technologies
Doctor of Economics, Associate Professor, Associate Professor of Accounting and Auditing
Odesa National Academy of Food Technologies

JEL classification: Q12


Theoretical and methodological bases are substantiated and scientific and practical recommendations on optimization of production activity of agrarian farms with use of economic and mathematical modeling for maintenance of their long-term development and expanded reproduction are developed. The main development directions of the farm production activity are determined. The plan for the production and sale of products for a long period has been developed, taking into account the available resources and capabilities with the use of economic and mathematical methods. In the process of setting the problem of economic and mathematical model of production activities optimization at the agrarian farm, its management should focus on achieving long-term goals; make decisions taking into account the strengths and weaknesses of the enterprise, its capabilities and threats; interpret the results of the enterprise; take into account past events and prospects for the development of financial activities and management technologies directly. As a result of research PAF “Etalon-A” Tarutyn district of Odesa region, it is determined that the mission of the farm is to meet the food needs of consumers with technical and grain crops of high quality at competitive market prices, continuous development and improvement of production and economic activities. It is substantiated that for the effective development of the agrarian farm, the planning of its production activities with given internal resources and market opportunities should be based on the theory of optimal planning, due to the fact that each of the economic problems of this type has many solutions. The optimal plan of the agrarian farm under the given conditions provides an opportunity to balance the available resources among themselves. Obtaining such a balance is extremely important, it forms the direction of changes in the distribution of resources of the farm to ensure maximization of the financial result.

Key words: optimization, model, economic and mathematical methods, production activities, agrarian farm, economic efficiency, planning.


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The article was received 12.10.2021