УДК 330.711:338.1

Candidate of Sciences (Economics), Associate Professor, Department of Economic Theory and Entrepreneurship in Maritime Transport, National University of Odessa Naval Academy
Larisa SCLAR
Ph.D., Associate Professor, Department of Accounting and Auditing,
Odessa National Academy of Food Technologies

JEL classification: L 19; O 31; O 32; P 27; R 11


Introduction. Transport companies are focused on innovative principles of development. The main ideas behind this approach are to focus on quality standards, to study internal factors of renewal, to adapt services to the needs of consumers. Obstacles to the efficient functioning of transport service providers are non-compliance with European standards in the service delivery process, insufficient level of service and transportation safety, environmental pollution through using of outdated transport technologies.

The purpose of the article is to evaluate the current state and to find ways of innovative development of transport enterprises at the regional level.

Methodology. Methods of comparison, analysis, theoretical and logical generalization were used in the research process.

Results. The definition determination of «innovative development» as a process and activity is characterized. The problems of the region transport system innovative development are considered. It is established that the strategic goal of the region transport industry improvement is to meet the innovative development needs of economy and society in competitive transport services. The unsatisfactory condition of the state transport system and its regions is characterized. The reasons for this state of affairs have been identified. The importance of innovative processes in the domestic transport industry development is established. The enterprises innovative development necessity of the transport industry is substantiated. The algorithm of the management system using of the region transport industry innovative development is proposed. The advantages of such a management system are given. The directions of innovative development activation of the region transport industry are determined.

Conclusions. Strategic plans for the transport system development of Ukraine are formed taking into account the peculiarities of innovative development. The innovative activity of the transport enterprise should be aimed at eliminating the existing shortcomings in the process of their activity. Formation of a balanced national transport system should take into account the needs of transport service users.

Keywords: innovation, innovative development, region, management, transport industry, services market.


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The article was received 22.12.2018