УДК 330.44

PhD of pedagogical sciences, Department of Economic Cybernetics and Mathematical Modeling,
Mykolaiv National Agrarian University


The article analyzes the method of constructing input-output table on the basis of the economic-mathematical model «input-output». The model of input-output table is constructed according to 2017 statistics for Mykolayiv oblast, and a modified model based on the distribution of production output by industry has been developed, which enables to receive consumption indicators in terms of branches of the economy and to determine the need for production of the region’s products for macroeconomic forecasting for the following years. A input-output matrix is formed, which will reflect the distribution of output by industry as a production output of the industry, obtained from intermediate and final demand on the basis of structural coefficients.
The directions of solving problems that can be tackled with the help of cross-sectoral balances for the region are determined. The possibilities of improvement of the planned input-output table of value expression in the direction of determination of comparable prices of final consumption with the transition to the dynamics of natural-cost indicators of the economy, branches of production and product distribution variations are considered.


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