УДК 330.322

DOI: https://doi.org/10.36887/2415-8453-2019-4-44

Yurii P. Vitkovskyi
PhD in Economics, Associate Professor, Department of Economics and Marketing, Kharkiv Petro Vasylenko National Technical University of Agriculture

JEL classification: Q12; Q14


Introduction. The agricultural sector is an important segment of the domestic economy. Appropriate measures have been developed and implemented at the state level in order to create the necessary conditions for the development of agribusiness entities.

The purpose of the research is to find ways to increase the investment attractiveness of agribusiness entities, as well as to analyze the directions and sources of attracting and mobilizing investment funds for their development.

Results. The preconditions for attracting investment funds in the areas of competitive development of agricultural enterprises are described. The results of the influence of foreign economic policy on the sale of agri-food and agricultural products of domestic enterprises are determined. The tendencies of attracting foreign investments in the agricultural sector of the economy are analyzed. The most attractive areas of agriculture for investment are given. The orientation of agrarian policy in the medium term is determined. The necessity of investment support of the domestic agricultural sector is substantiated. Problems of investment policy implementation are highlighted. The role of financial leasing as a form of investment of agricultural producers is characterized. The necessity of creating conditions for intensification of leasing relations in agricultural production is proved. Measures have been proposed that have the potential to stimulate the attraction of private capital in the agricultural sector. Insufficient domestic investment to support the agricultural sector has been identified. Emphasis is placed on the expediency of attracting foreign direct investment. It has been established that the slowness of decision-making regarding the development of innovation support restrains the development of agricultural sector entities. The necessity of settlement of economic relations between subjects of agrarian business is substantiated. Excessive interference of the state executive power in the process of regulating such relations is outlined. Measures for free circulation of capital in the field of agricultural market are proposed.

Conclusions. The investment strategy formation of agribusiness entities occurs taking into account their profitability and financial and economic condition. Attracting investments helps to improve the results of their activities and increase the level of competitiveness.

Key words: agrarian business entities, investments, investment attractiveness, financial leasing, agricultural products.


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The article was received 21.09.2019