УДК 338.439:339.564

DOI: https://doi.org/10.36887/2415-8453-2019-3-15

Han Xinmeng
Aplicant of the Department of organization of production, business and management,
Kharkiv Petro Vasylenko National Technical University of Agriculture

JEL classification: Q17


Introduction. The lack of a unified methodology of the export potential assessing of agro-industrial enterprises poses some difficulties in the activities of export-oriented economic entities. This situation is conditioned by the subjectivity of the export potential concept, as well as the inability to establish a clear relationship between the enterprise export potential, the market export potential and the market enterprise position.

The research purpose is to study the existing methodological approaches to the export potential assessment of agricultural enterprises.

Results. The components of the enterprise export potential are determined. The model of export potential determination for the conditions of agrarian production is presented for the future. A set of indicators is described to characterize the export potential. The increase of role of the managing system in the enterprise international competitiveness is substantiated. The essence, purpose and peculiarities of managing the enterprise international competitiveness are outlined. The system structure of enterprise international competitiveness management (monitoring of competitive environment in the international market, assessment of the enterprise competitiveness level and their products, determining the mission of enterprise functioning, the strategy implementation of the international competitiveness management system, evaluation and control of the implementation results of the chosen strategy). The problematic aspects of the agricultural enterprise activity are identified in the process of managing international competitiveness. The measures aimed at improving the management of the international competitiveness of agricultural enterprises are characterized and substantiated.

Conclusions. Assessing the export potential of agricultural enterprises is an important issue in the process of improving their export activities. Developing valuation approaches that take into account the specifics of the domestic and world economies will enhance the export potential of agricultural enterprises. This, in turn, will be the basis for developing the country’s exports.

Keywords: export potential, agrarian potential, economic potential, competitiveness, factors, agroindustrial production, export.


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The article was received 15.07.2019