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Candidate of Economic Sciences, Ph.D., Head of the Center for Individual Business of the Southern Region of JSC Brokbusinessbank
Alexander SHVETS
Candidate of Economic Sciences, Ph.D., doctoral student


Introduction. The constant change of environmental factors influence that surround our country, as well as the intra-regional transformations that are taking place in Ukraine, require more and more research and systematization of existing methods and systems for assessing the investment attractiveness of the region. The article presents methodological approaches for carrying out the economic evaluation of mechanisms for attracting investment in the region’s economy, which allow determining the main input parameters of the project economic analysis, namely the volume of the effect obtained from the ways of investing different sectors of the region’s economy.

The purpose of this article is study of methodological approaches to determining the economic evaluation of mechanisms for attracting investment in the region’s economy.

Results. The study found that the regional economy requires a large amount of investment, which will help to eliminate those imbalances that exist in the economic, socio-cultural and infrastructural development of the region. A significant obstacle to attracting investments to the regions of Ukraine is the lack of a single common method for calculating the region’s investment attractiveness for a potential investor in our country.

Conclusions. By conducting a detailed analysis of the existing methods of assessing the investment attractiveness of the region, we can conclude that each of them is based on a set of multifaceted factors that have different effects on the investment potential of the region. The total number of factors that have their specification and structure, the use of numerical assessment methods, measurement methods, the significance of a factor vary significantly and reflect the position of a particular methodology and school, its authors.

Key words: assessment, investments, projects, investing, regional development, investment attraction, methodology, methodical approach.


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The article was received 10.11.2018