УДК 336.592:369.041

DOI: https://doi.org/10.36887/2415-8453-2019-4-42

Olha Viktorovna Nasibova
Candidate of Economic Sciences, Doctoral Student of the Department of Finance,
Kyiv National University of Trade and Economics

JEL classification: G18; H53; H55; H75; I38


Introduction. The economic recession and the growing number of poor people, including the able-bodied, have opened up a complex of contradictions and exacerbated the internal dysfunctions of the social protection system, a mandatory element of which is state social standards and guaran-tees. Social guarantees determine the degree of state responsibility to its citizens and provide a certain standard of living for all segments of the population. An effective and efficient system of social guarantees, as well as its proper financial support will increase the welfare of citizens.

The purpose of scientific research is to determine the mechanism of formation and implementation of state social standards and guarantees, analysis of their financial support.

Methodology. In the course of research system, structural methods, and also methods of comparison, the analysis and synthesis, induction and deduction have been used.

Results. The article considers the economic essence and legal regulation of state social guarantees. The problematic issues of formation and implementation of state social guarantees are singled out and analyzed. The dynamics of state social guarantees for 2000-2019 is given. Peculiarities of determining the size of the subsistence minimum as an important parameter of the state policy of social and economic development are investigated. The role of the minimum wage and its relationship with the subsistence level has been identified. The sources of financial support of social guarantees are characterized. The main directions of improving the mechanism of state guarantees realization of social development are determined.

Conclusions. In the process of harmonizing the population’s consumption of the set of vital goods between the state and society, the system foundations of state social standards and guarantees are laid, which are formed depending on the level of economic development, historical traditions, types of socio-economic system, gross domestic product redistribution model. Insufficient effectiveness of the implementation mechanism of state standards and guarantees of social development is caused by limited financial security, as well as existing problems of substantive characteristics of basic concepts, the solution of which will streamline the terms used and improve the quality of state social standards and guarantees. To ensure the effective use of the subsistence level, it is necessary to constantly revise the structure of standards for calculating its components, update sets of goods and services taking into account the current living conditions of all categories of the population, adjust the ratio of food, non-food goods and services according to real cost indicators, taking into account the needs of normal human reproduction, the dynamics of change in the average family size for the relevant period.

Key words: state social standards, state social guarantees, social norms, subsistence level, minimum wage, minimum pension, indexation, social protection.


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The article was received 01.10.2019