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DOI: https://doi.org/10.36887/2415-8453-2019-3-2

Karina Nemashkalo
PhD in Economics, Associate Professor
Management and Business Department
Simon Kuznets Kharkiv National University of Economics
E-mail: hneu.nemashkalo@gmail.com

JEL classification: O11; L16


Introduction. The competitiveness of the country is primarily determined by a set of institutions and equal economic factors. They form the country’s level, its ability to produce goods and services which can compete on the world market. That is the indicator, which characterizes the country’s economic growth. So, it is actual to study concept of country’s competitiveness and determine the factors of influence on it.

Purpose of the paper is to identify and evaluate the main factors of Ukraine’s competitiveness.

Results. For achieving this goal, the competitiveness of Ukraine through the Global Competitiveness Index proposed in 2004 at the World Economic Forum was analyzed and assessed. The assessment of this indicator was based on the Global Competitiveness Report. It consisted of twelve indicators, which were united into four groups: creation of favorable conditions, human capital, markets, innovation system.

Results. According to the given analysis, Ukraine has 83 rank from 140 countries. Formally, the place of Ukraine has improved by 6 positions. According to the results of Ukraine’s competitiveness assessment in 2018, the indicator deteriorated in 11 parts and only the dynamics of business development has a positive trend. Ukraine has the highest scores in such indicators: skills (rank 45), the size of the domestic market (rank 47), infrastructure (rank 57) and innovation opportunities (rank 58). The lowest scores Ukraine has in these indicators: macroeconomic stability (rank 131 from 140 countries), financial system (rank 117) and quality of institutions (rank 110 rank). The analysis shown that there is a need to improve the country’s competitiveness level, that is, to create the certain political and economic reforms that will increase its level. First of all, it is necessary to pay attention to the factors that affect the creation of favorable business conditions. Inflation, corruption and instability of political activity in Ukraine have the greatest negative impact. Therefore, to manage these areas, it is necessary to introduce certain reforms that will lead to improving the country’s position on the world stage.

Keywords. Competitiveness, management, economic development, competitiveness of the country, global competitiveness index.


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The article was received 08.06.2019