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Yaroslav Olegovych KRYLOV
National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine
E-mail: ykrylov@ukr.net


Introduction. The economic assessment of grain sector current development stage, specific features of grain market supply determination is made in the article. The forecasts of total grains and beans harvest as well as its domestic market consumption and use in Ukraine up to the year 2025 is done. The main influence factors on efficient wheat production in Ukraine using multiple linear regression id defined. The proposals to improvement of grain market regulation mechanisms based on performed analyzes is designed.

Purpose. Main objective of the research is to evaluate current grain market development stage, to determine main factors of influence for supply formation and to design main trend improvement proposals of its regulatory mechanisms in Ukraine.

Methods. Methods of analyzes, syntheses, structural logical compilation, morphological and critical comparative analyzes of literature sources, economic statistics and economic mathematical analyzes are used to implement the objective.

Results. Low efficiency of grain market regulatory mechanism in Ukraine is validated, that is based on calculated values of indicator «Market price support» per 1 tone of grain and indicator «Nominal producers protection index» (which are used in OECD countries) which will result in better rationale of management decisions, considering potential of impact for wellbeing of producers, consumers and state. The forecasts of total grains and beans harvest is done, which enables to make balanced platform of Supply and Demand, evaluate export potential and take respective proactive steps to create system of State regulatory action plan to avoid future problems in grain production development. Conceptual approaches to form efficient logistical system in the grain market are designed through lowering infrastructural costs, optimization of transport infrastructure for grain deliveries to port terminals by clear and transparent market rules set by government to stimulate competitiveness, private and state investments for technological renovation of logistical chain as well as to strengthen competitiveness of grain products.

Key words: grain market, grain production, regulatory mechanism, agricultural policy.


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The article was received 06.08.2018