УДК 338.436 (477.46)

Doctor of Economics, Associate Professor of the Department of Economic Theory
and Financial-Economic Security
Odessa National Academy of Food Technologies


Introduction. The article explores the peculiarities of the development of agro-industrial production at the regional level. It is substantiated that for the food security formation of Ukraine the necessary condition is to ensure the strategy formulating for the development of regional agricultural production. In order to implement the strategy, it is necessary to study regional factors and peculiarities of agrarian business management and determine the complex of measures for their development.

The purpose of the article is coverage and substantiation of issues related to the strategy formation for the agro-industrial production development in the region in the direction of the food security formation of Ukraine.

Results. The formation of agro-industrial production in the region has three major dimensions: food availability, access to food, food use. A reproductive approach that is based on the allocation of specific interests of different levels (economic or interests in the field of food supply) can be used as a basis for the allocation of different levels, which allows identifying the unique features inherent in a certain level and substantiating the differences in approaches to ensuring food security of different levels.

Conclusions. The ability of each level to ensure its food security is determined both by endogenous (economy of the given level, including income, volume and structure of consumption), and exogenous (state of food supply of a higher level) factors. At the same time, the internal food security of each level is determined in part by the food security of the lower level of the hierarchy (food security of the region consists of the food security of all households in its territory). Each level of agricultural production development in relation to the food security formation is characterized by a certain combination and degree of action of these two types of factors (internal and external relative to this level). Existing interdependence and interrelation of different levels of agro-industrial production development determines the need for an integrated approach to its provision, taking into account the interests and specifics of each level. At the same time, the main role should be devoted to ensuring food security at the macro level – the levels of individual countries as communities that unite the interests of the subjects of the lower levels and form the basis of their strategic interests of the highest level. In general, two main strategies can be identified: to acquire or develop. At any level there is an alternative to independent production or purchase (external supply, import) of food. In the conditions of the negative effects of external factors, the strategy of development of regional agro-industrial production will be reduced to the concentration of efforts on own food production.

Key words: agro-industrial production, strike, regional features, development, agrarian enterprises.


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The article was received 07.10.2018