УДК: 351:330.15

DOI: https://doi.org/10.36887/2415-8453-2021-3-15

Nikolay SERBOV
candidate of geographical sciences, associate professor, first vice-rector for educational work of the Odessa State Environment University

JEL classification: O13; O32; Q28


Introduction. Restoration and cleaning of freshwater resources remains a fairly relevant issue both at the national level and in the world. The strategic goals of sustainable development remain providing clean water to all the population. There is water pollution, which is quite acutely puts in prior to humanity. The study of the current state of the innovative potential of freshwater resources and prospects of technological development in world trends are quite relevant and important.

The purpose of the article is the process of studying the current state, regional features and prospects for the development of innovative potential of freshwater resources of Ukraine.

The results. Analyzed, the current state of expenditures for innovation in the protection and rational use of freshwater resources. It is determined that the structure of protection costs and rational use of freshwater resources is divided into the costs of protection and rehabilitation of soil, underground and surface water, cleaning of reciprocal water and research work of environmental orientation. Analysis show that the largest share in 2020 in the structure of expenses occupy current expenses – 75,02%, with capital investments – 24,97%. The structure of capital investments amounted to 61,83% in defense and rehabilitation of soil, underground and surface water, 12,80% for the purification of reciprocal waters and 7.67% on research and research activities of environmental orientation. It is determined that the largest amount of capital investment was aimed at protecting and rehabilitation of soil, underground and surface waters – 2554224,5 thousand UAH and to clean reciprocity – 1578201,4 thousand UAH.

Conclusions. It is substantiated that the costs are aimed at scientific research of environmental protection unreasonably insignificant in volumes. The analysis showed that during the last three years they did not exceed 0.3% of the total environmental expenses in Ukraine, this negatively affects the development and implementation of advanced innovation technologies in the sphere of resource conservation. It is determined that modern trends of technological development in the water and its purification can be: reverse osmosis (RO) of sea, brackish and river water – for the desalination of salty water; Nanofiltration, reverse osmosis, membrane bioreactors, microfiltration and disinfection – for water and sewage treatment.

Keywords: freshwater resources, innovations, expenses, capital investments.


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The article was received 12.06.2021