УДК: 330.3:65:621.6

DOI: https://doi.org/10.36887/2415-8453-2021-3-2

Nazariy Popadynets
Doctor of Economics Sciences, associate professor of the Economy and Marketing Department, Scientific-Educational Institute of Entrepreneurship and Perspective Technologies of Lviv Polytechnic National University
Taras Kotsko
PhD, associate professor of Enterprise Management, National Technical University of Ukraine «Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Politechnic Institute»

JEL classification: D92, L81, P45


The search for innovative directions to obtain competitive advantages for retaining the market positions is among the most important tasks for the efficient activity of companies in conditions of political and economic changes. The key to changes must be in the business management system that combines all elements of business activity and is mapped based on the respective development strategies. Therefore, the major role in the process of the company’s innovative development is played by strategic management. The article aims to examine theoretical-methodological foundations for the development of business management innovative strategies. The paper analyzes the theoretical-methodological approaches that are the basis for the development of the author’s understanding of the nature of the oil transport company’s innovative development strategy. It determines that investment strategies of the oil transport network development focus on domestic and external investment. The fact that the efficiency of investment strategies is defined by the return on investment in the projects related to the development of infrastructural facilities of the oil transport network is proven. The main problems in the current system of oil products transportation, including in conditions of fierce competition, are characterized. The article substantiates that the positive effect in the oil transport network activity emerges when other companies of the corporation are engaged in various projects since it allows them to redistribute investment income and expenditures. The article substantiates the nature and features of the elaboration of oil transport companies’ innovative development strategies in conditions of systemic changes and integration with the market system of the EU countries. It offers a range of approaches to the development of a qualitative investment framework for the innovative development of oil transport companies, which is currently of utmost importance for the selection of management strategies in conditions of fierce competition.

Keywords: infrastructure, logistics, oil transport companies, management, innovative strategies.


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The article was received 28.07.2021