УДК 332.155:631.11:636.5/.6

DOI: https://doi.org/10.36887/2415-8453-2019-3-1

Oksana Prokopyshyn
Candidate of Economics (PhD), associate professor of
the Department of Accounting and Taxation
Lviv National Agrarian University, Dubliany

JEL classification: L25; P47; Q12


Introduction. Nowadays, poultry breeding is one of the most developed and progressive branches of agricultural production. That branch, as the principal producer of high-quality animal protein at a reasonable price, is very important because it secures food safety of the country.

Successful performance of poultry breeding enterprises needs development of the algorithm, focused on support of production efficiency. To forecast development of poultry breeding in the future and to determine directions of its improvement, it is necessary to make a complete analysis of the statistical data of previous periods and to study the obtained general tendencies.

Purpose. The task of the research is to make a detailed analysis of the current conditions of performance of poultry breeding enterprises, to study the tendencies of the branch development, and to examine peculiarities of performance of poultry-breeding enterprises in Ukraine, as well as to look for the ways to improve their economic efficiency.

Results. Efficiency of poultry breeding production is directly influenced by quality and competitive capacity of products, effected by the material and technical support, technology of production, processing, packaging, storage and sale.

The market of poultry breeding products is extremely attractive. Such products are characterized by a permanent growing demand due to a lower price comparing to other kinds of meat. It is also characterized by a faster turnover of invested capital. Increase of the consumption demand for poultry meat and investment attractiveness of poultry breeding stimulate increase of the volume of its production on a commercial base. Growth of the poultry meat production volume attracts investments to the branch.

Conclusions. Eggs is another extremely important product of poultry breeding. Eggs production is the most profitable and the most efficient stimulus for development of the branch and growth of the volume of production in poultry breeding.

Having analyzed the current conditions of poultry breeding, it is confirmed that it is rapidly developed, because one observes the tendency to increase of the number of poultries, volume of production of poultry meat and eggs, forced by the increased demand for such products.

Key words: efficiency, poultry breeding, branch, monitoring, demand, products, agricultural enterprises, households of population.


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The article was received 18.07.2019