УДК: 658.631

DOI: https://doi.org/10.36887/2415-8453-2022-2-25

Associate Professor of the Department of Management, Public Administration and Personnel
West Ukrainian National University
Senior Lecturer at the Department of Economics, Management and Administration, Khmelnitskyi National University
Associate Professor of the Department of Economics, Management and Administration, Khmelnitskyi National University

JEL classification: H43; O22


The article examines the relevance of the Hoshin Kanri method, the prerequisites for using this project management method for domestic enterprises. The main elements of using the Hoshin Kanri method in project management are described. The authors identified the main problems of project management in domestic enterprises. It was established that among the problems of management of domestic enterprises is the lack of knowledge and applied skills among modern managers regarding the latest methods, including the implementation of project activities at production enterprises. The proposed project management method is proven to provide a substitute for overcoming common strategic level problems, as it unites managers with employees through a systematic process of deployment through vertical and horizontal communication. The content and principles of deployment of this method for the purpose of project management at domestic enterprises are characterized. The main stages and specifics of deploying the Hoshin Kanri method in project management in domestic enterprises are highlighted. Based on the analysis of modern scientific literature, the author built a scheme for the deployment of enterprise project management according to the Hoshin Kanri method. The key advantages of the Hoshin Kanri method for project management in domestic enterprises are analyzed. Based on the analysis of well-known approaches, examples from world practice to the study of project management methods, the example of constructing an X-matrix within the scope of using the Hoshin Kanri method for project implementation at a domestic enterprise is proposed.

Keywords: management, project management, Hoshin Kanri method, enterprise strategy.


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The article was received 10.04.2022