УДК: 338.123: 338.262.4

DOI: https://doi.org/10.36887/2415-8453-2021-1-38

Oleg Fedirets
PhD in Economics, Associate Professor, Associate Professor of the Department of Management, Poltava State Agrarian Academy

JEL classification: Q13


Introduction. This article presents the theoretical and practical principles of the process of forming a mechanism for managing the development of the enterprise, identifies its main components and relationships in the management system. The study uses monographic, systematization and formalization, graphic and abstract-logical scientific methods of economic research.

The purpose of this article is a comprehensive study of the prerequisites for the formation of a mechanism for managing the development of the enterprise and identify the main components that affect its functioning.

Results. The article proves that the successful development of the enterprise causes not only the production-technological and material-resource potential, but also the level of competence and qualification of managers who have strategic thinking. internal growth is possible to more fully use the production and resource and human resources of the enterprise, because in this case the main focus is on experience, staff skills, organizational culture and traditions of the enterprise. At the same time, external development allows the company to expand much faster and use more economical methods than internal growth, due to a significant increase in resource base and market share. With a conservative way of development, it is expected to increase the output and sales of already mastered products, the production technology of which has not undergone significant changes. In turn, innovative development is based on innovations. The ideal model of development assumes that in the object of entrepreneurship, as science and scientific and technological progress make the necessary innovative changes that ensure its sustainability and increase the efficiency of production and economic activity.

Conclusions. The scientific novelty in this article is the systematization of areas of enterprise development management, which made it possible to identify the relationship between the management process and the development management system. Certain components of the mechanism of formation of system of management of development in the enterprises have practical value in the presented scientific research. Prospects for further research in this area should focus on such an important issue as finding the best market position for development management.

Key words: development, system, development management, mechanism, formation, management system.


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The article was received 18.01.2021