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Doctor of Economics, professor, Head of the Department of accounting and auditing,
Odessa National Academy of Food Technologies
Doctor of Economics, professor, Head of the Department of management and logistics,
Odessa National Academy of Food Technologies
PhD in Economics, associate professor,
Associate Professor of the Department of Management and Logistics,
Odessa National Academy of Food Technologies


Introduction. The article examines the analysis of foreign experience, in particular the countries of Central and Eastern Europe, which shows a rather short period of formation of new organizational and legal forms. In developed countries, there was a system of measures for regulation of agrarian industrial production, which consisted of: subsidies and grants for the products production, including environmental ones; favorable tax policy; regulation of prices for agricultural products; a complex of protectionism measures.

The purpose of the article is coverage and substantiation of practical issues of using world and best practices in regulating agricultural enterprises activities.

Results. Agrarian production is always accompanied by economic risk, because it is highly individualized and substantially depends on many factors, both natural and economic, in particular market conditions. Therefore, the state should bear the costs of this economy branch in order to reduce the potential instability of production, especially in agriculture. It is proved that one of the important directions of agroindustry enterprises activity regulation is the protectionist policy. Agricultural products and food products made from it, which can be manufactured in sufficient quantities by domestic producers, should be imported in limited quantities, determined by appropriate tools.

Conclusions. In developed countries, there is a targeted system of support measures for agrarian industrial complex. In particular, it is worth noting the targeted nature of subsidies for specific measures, high requirements for quality and environmentally friendly production, the development of the necessary incentive mechanisms, and a tax policy aimed at expanding reproduction in the agrarian sector of the economy, and regulation of prices for agricultural products. At the current level of development, at the state level, it is necessary to implement a set of measures in support of newly created enterprises, to stimulate the production of environmentally friendly products, to pursue a tax policy for the expanded reproduction of agrarian business enterprises.

Key words: foreign experience, subsidies, subsidies, state regulation, cooperative protection, development, agrarian industrial production.


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The article was received 03.10.2018