УДК 338.23.(447)

PhD of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor, Department of Finance
National University of Shipbuilding. adm Makarov


Introduction. Fighting corruption is a problem for Ukraine, which is further illustrated by the persistence of international financial partners in the issue of creating an anti-corruption court. Therefore, research into the current state of financial and innovation fundamentals of promising anticorruption activities is relevant.

The purpose of this article is to study the financial and innovation fundamentals of promising anticorruption activity, namely the content and peculiarities of their evolution.

Results. It has been found that today valuable arrays of data are being generated that are subject to analysis for the purpose of identifying statistical dependencies and other targeted information. A profiled client with legitimate income on the background of the total introduction of technical means of receiving cashless payments, even in markets and parking lots, will let better identify all that targeted legislation on combating the laundering of illicit proceeds and the financing of crime in all its manifestations, and in part, for example, the public procurement economy, as a corruption vulnerable part of the national economy, will complicate corruption schemes until such an activity is made impossible.

Conclusions. It is determined that, in essence, in order to assist law enforcement bodies in the financial and anti-corruption spheres, an average citizen does not intend to carry out any actions in this regard. A person lives, works, receives wages, agrees to processing personal data, makes purchases, makes payments, travels, accepts payments, takes part in promotions, etc., and in parallel with it he is a criminal fighter – donor big data mining, an important statistician in the fight against violations of financial and criminal legislation. In general, the model, if implemented with actual nuances, can be used including anti-corruption and other law-enforcement agencies in the process of exercising their powers, which is extremely important in the key to raising anticorruption struggle to a qualitatively new level.

Keywords: anti-corruption activity, law enforcement agencies, corruption, mechanism of realization, smart contacts.


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The article was received 05.08.2018