УДК 339.138

DOI: https://doi.org/10.36887/2415-8453-2020-1-35

Natalia BABKO
PhD (Economics), Associate Professor, Associate Professor of Marketing and Media Communications Department, Kharkiv Petro Vasylenko National Technical University of Agriculture
PhD (Economics), Senior Lecturer of Enterprise Economics, Marketing and Economic Theory Department, Lugansk National Agrarian University
Svitlana SPIVAK
PhD (Economics), Associate Professor of Accounting, Finance and Information Technology Department, Lugansk National Agrarian University

JEL classification: М30; М31; М39


The article investigates the peculiarities of marketing communications in information networks. It is determined that marketing in information networks involves many methods. The most popular of these are the creation of brand communities (the creation of company representative offices in information media), reputation management and several others. The use of various tools of information (social) promotion on the Internet allows to establish effective communication with potential and real consumers of goods and services and solves a number of other equally important tasks. In this case, the SMM technique is a more effective tool than traditional advertising. The basic set of tools for marketing is outlined: creation and promotion of brand communities; advertising in niche information networks; creation and development of own information sites; promotion of content – audio content, video content, distribution of unique free content; conducting interactive promotions – virtual webinars, surveys, consulting campaigns (involving experts), promotions, testing, as well as exclusive conditions for users of the company resource (free visits, discounts, etc.). The toolkit also includes: the creation and promotion of interactive elements; working with thought leaders – attracting a celebrity to discuss, organizing offline events, initiating a controlled “leak” of data into the information sphere; “Viral” marketing; personal branding; active communication – communication with representatives of the target audience in the forums, hidden marketing, promotion of the company in the services of “question-answer”, placement of articles on communication resources, creation of “hot lines” in thematic Internet communities. It is proved that when considering information networks from the point of view of a commercial company, it is obvious that this is an environment in which there is an accumulation of real and potential consumers, representatives, partners, competitors and other contact audiences with a high degree of trust in the information disseminated in this environment.

Keywords: marketing, information networks, marketing communications, marketing tools, effectiveness of information networks.


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The article was received 18.01.2020