УДК 332.12

Volodymyr Mykolayovych OREL
Doctor of Economics, Associate Professor
Kharkiv Petro Vasylenko National Technical University of Agriculture

JEL classification: O 40


Introduction. The article reveals the main provisions and features of the categories «potential» and «region», their dialectical interconnection and interdependence in the field of regional socio-economic research. Also, the involvement in the economic turnover of previously unavailable resources, available at the regional level, increase their capitalization and has considerable potential for significant acceleration of economic growth.

The purpose of the article is to study the economic growth of regional potential.

Results. An analysis of the concept of «potential» is done in the field of entrepreneurship, from

its essence as an economic category and ending with application in research in the region. The results of the analysis show that all definitions are overly concrete, are of a private nature, represent various modifications to the traditional «resource» concept and require a theoretical generalization. The essential features of the regional potential are highlighted, which characterize it as an integral attribute, are the immanent quality of any object or phenomenon. On this theoretical basis, the definition of regional potential is given, and its structure is revealed.

Conclusions. The main provisions and conclusions of the article can serve as the theoretical basis of regional socio-economic research, used as a methodological basis for the development of new types and classes of strategic planning.

Key words: competitiveness, regional power, national economy, potential, potential of territory, regional capital, resource.


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The article was received 15.07.2018