DOI: https://doi.org/10.36887/2415-8453-2019-3-39

Candidate of Economic Sciences, Ph.D.,
Odessa National Academy of Food Technologies

JEL classification: O14; Q18


Introduction. The article substantiates the important role of the state in the regulation of invest-ment mechanisms for the development of regional structural transformations in agribusiness. The modern development of agribusiness at all levels cannot be effectively implemented in the face of significant transformational changes, global challenges and complex economic environment. Agribusiness entities need state-level support for the investment providing of reproduction processes in order to enhance their competitiveness, which will have a positive impact on all other related industries.

The purpose of the article is to study the experience of using the state regulation mechanisms of the development of regional structural transformations in agribusiness.

Results. The investing efficiency in agribusiness is achieved only under the conditions of action rationality of the activation instruments complex of entrepreneurial activity, both in the field of agrarian production, in related industries, as well as in the activity of private and public investors. The tools of business activation and the means of their use, a set of prerequisites and the driving factors for attracting / investing in the agro-sphere form the basis of the organizational and economic mechanism of investment activity development in the region agribusiness. In order to develop and implement an effective mechanism and determine the set of its necessary levers and tools, it is need to investigate in detail the object to which this mechanism is aimed – investment activity in the agro-sphere of a particular region, to identify their peculiarities, conditions and factors of positive and negative impact on the investment potential and o enterprise activity and organizations of the agro-sphere, to develop a conceptual model of the mechanism of investment activity development in the region agribusiness.

Conclusions. In order to create a favorable investment climate in the agricultural sector, it is necessary to ensure a stable economic and political situation; development of a science-based market reform strategy; availability of appropriate legal framework. Real priority should be given to the development of agriculture and agro-industrial production; effective functioning of the agricultural market infrastructure; overcoming inflationary processes and corruption and shadowing the economic sphere. Important steps in this direction will be to curb the growth of external public debt and to restructure payments for its servicing; establishing clear mechanisms for regulating international investment cooperation; strengthen regional policy activity; to create modern information and methodological support for investment activities.

Key words: evaluation, investment, regulation, investment mechanism, regional development, investment attraction, government support, agribusiness.


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The article was received 02.08.2019