УДК: 38.439

DOI: https://doi.org/10.36887/2415-8453-2020-2-21

Doctor of Economics, Professor of National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine
Postgraduate student, Swiss-Ukrainian program “Development of trade with higher added value in the organic and dairy sectors of Ukraine”

JEL classification: L15

The question of the quality of milk, how it is ensured, who is responsible at the legislative level for its implementation and verification of compliance with standards, and what they should be, has become one of the most acute over the past few years. In order to understand how it is better and more efficient to introduce new changes not only in legislative regulatory documents, but also to implement them and start using them in the process of milk production, it is necessary to study the world experience of formation and the use of international standards regarding its quality.
Therefore, an analysis of the implementation process of private initiatives in quality assurance in the countries of the European Union had been carried out, and it was investigated which industry specific quality assurance systems were formed. This made it possible to determine the main criteria of the milk production quality assurance system, on the basis of which a basic model for ensuring milk quality in the production chain was built. This model shows that the quality of milk and its control starts from the manufacturer. Based on this, the main control factors at the initial stage are determined. Such factors include livestock feeding, livestock keeping technology, milking technology, staff hygiene, milk storage technology, marketing of final products, internal control.
In order to analyze the possibilities of using foreign mechanisms for milk quality control in the production chain in accordance with the conditions of Ukrainian producers based on the proposed model, it is also necessary to examine who determines the quality parameters, what role private initiatives play in this, and evaluate the role of industry self-governing organizations.
International certified quality management systems have become widespread among dairy producers who are export-oriented. And in order to adapt the model of foreign quality systems to the conditions of Ukrainian producers, it is necessary to provide not only a control system at the legislative level, but also economic incentives that will help to fulfill the requirements established by law.
Keywords: milk quality control, quality management system.

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The article was received 05.03.2020