УДК 338.2

DOI: https://doi.org/10.36887/2415-8453-2019-4-43

Viktoriia Hmyria
Associate Professor, Candidate of Science (Economics),
Department of Economics, Entrepreneurship and Marketing, Cherkassy State Business College
Volodymyr Kucherenko
General Director of Ukrvinprom Corporation, Candidate of Science (Economics), Senior Lecturer at the National University of Food Technology,
Department of Economics, Accounting and Finance

JEL classification: Q1; R1; P25


The purpose of this article is to study theoretical approaches to definition of economic essence and directions of economic security formation of agricultural enterprises at the region. Analysis of the theoretical aspects of the research object showed that currently there are different approaches to the economic security interpretation. It is considered as a process of meeting public needs, protection of the state national interests, the economic stability, the state of the national economy, in which the country provides its own sovereignty, a state of protection against a certain type of threats. Certain realities of a market economy require fundamentally new approaches to the formation and increase of efficiency of agrarian enterprises functioning, and thus ensure their economic security.

In the context of the latest scientific dimensions, it has been found out that the economic security of agricultural enterprises is a complex of sophisticated branched processes, methods, tools, levers of influence on activity for the purpose of increasing the economic activity efficiency of entities. In this regard, there are many different opinions regarding the components of enterprises economic security. It is proved that the economic security of enterprises is characterized by certain features in the regional context of their formation and application to agricultural production.

The proposed model Forsythe technology modernization of a regional mechanism of economic security at agricultural enterprises will allow to determine more efficiently the volume of investments, tax burden on the industry and crediting enterprises, depreciation deductions etc., which will effectively affect the activity of the enterprise, and hence ensure its basic – economic security.

Keywords: economic security, agricultural enterprises, natural conditions, fixed assets, information security, financial security.


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The article was received 21.09.2019