УДК: 658

DOI: https://doi.org/10.36887/2415-8453-2021-1-43

Yurii Kravchyk
Candidate of Economic Sciences, Senior Lecturer in Department of Economics, Management and Administration, Khmelnitsky National University
Liudmyla Krymchak
Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor of Management,
Administration and Hotel and Restaurant Business, Khmelnitsky National University

JEL classification: O31; O32


The article analyzes the views of scientists on the interpretation of the concept of economic security of the enterprise. It is determined that in most studies the economic security of the enterprise is considered as a state of protection from the negative effects of internal and external factors, as a state of efficient use of enterprise resources, competitive advantages or as the ability to realize its economic interests. The functional components of the economic security of the enterprise are investigated and the ways of ensuring the economic security of the enterprise for each component are determined. It was found that scientists today identify seven main functional components, namely: technical and technological, information, financial, legal, environmental, personnel and force components. In this work the research of an ecological component of economic security of the enterprise is carried out, its essence is opened and the vision of the basic directions of its maintenance is given. It is determined that there are two areas of its provision – the safety of the enterprise and the safety of society from the negative impact of the results of the enterprise. Measures have been formulated at the enterprise and state level that need to be implemented to ensure the environmental component of economic security in terms of innovative development of the national economy. It was found out that it is necessary to observe the current ecological norms by economic entities, to introduce innovative production technologies, to form ecological culture, at the state level – to provide support and stimulation of enterprises to introduce innovations. It is determined that the implementation of directions to ensure the environmental component of economic security of the enterprise will have a positive effect. Namely, reducing the company’s costs through the use of energy and resource-saving technologies, increasing competitiveness and entering the new international markets through the production of high quality and environmentally friendly products, as well as reproducing the country’s resource potential and reducing environmental impact.

Keywords: economic security, ecological component, innovative development, enterprise activity, national economy.


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The article was received 05.01.2021